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Learn Photography

Photography classes for all the family. Whatever your camera, whatever your age, however you like to learn, we can find a class for you!


Would you like to use your camera to capture your everyday life in new and interesting ways?

Would you like to experiment with different techniques and be challenged to see the world with a photographer's eye?


Are you a parent who would like to take beautiful photographs of your children?


Or do you have children who are interested in taking up photography as a hobby?

What will I learn?

Every person is different, and everyone learns in a different way so I try to ensure that there is a class or course that will be right for you.  Whether you learn best on your own or in a class, online or in person, we will cover a mixture of the following elements of photography. We will play to your strengths every step of the way, and challenge you a little bit too!

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Vicki

I am Vicki, a professional photographer and educator. I would love to help you to get the most from your camera whether that is the latest mirrorless system or a phone camera. Find out more about me here...

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The Classes

Children's University Activity Provider

Children’s University is an award winning national charity for children that
encourages, tracks and celebrates their participation in learning beyond the
classroom. Stamps are awarded for taking part in clubs, online activities, and other
activities done alone, or with the family, at home and in the local area. Children
can keep a log of everything they do, and each hour of participation takes them
one step closer to their next certificate. Children’s University encourages children
to try new things, and engage with different categories of learning while seeing
their skills develop.

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