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*** Online Home Ed Photo Club ***

To view all my online classes, including previously recorded units see HERE, or Join...


Photography Classes
for Young People

I offer one-off and regular online classes for children aged 7-15. Some of the classes are held during weekday daytimes so are ideal for home educated young people. Other classes will be scheduled for holidays and weekends. 

Class Options

My live, online class for 11-15 year old home educated young people has been running since March 2023 and has been a lot of fun!

If you would be inte
rested in a home ed class for your young person the best place to find out what is coming up is in my
facebook group - The ISO Collective Hub. 


Not sure which is the right option for your child?

The best thing to do is to get in touch and let me know what your child would like to learn and when they are available and we can see if there is already a class running that would suit them.

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